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Artificial Intelligence

VXG makes video analytics cost-effective, scalable, and flexible. Cloud VMS provides a variety of pre-processing functions and an interface for integration with outside AI engines.

To make the AI operations cost-efficient, VXG will first filter video by events, such as motion detection. Then sample data - extract short clips and images and then send this to AI engines. This will result in the processing of a fraction of data compared to the input streams.

You can connect the same camera to multiple AI engines, or switch between different AI engines based on certain conditions. This provides unmatched flexibility to video analytics.

Event filtering and data sampling are key operations for Cloud video analytics, they make Cloud AI scalable and cost-efficient.


Event filtering is usually done by motion events generated on a camera. It can also be any type of event produced by a camera, external sensor, or software service. VXG Cloud VMS can process millions of events simultaneously and filter data based on selected criteria per camera.


Sampling is a process of extracting video fragments and/or images from videos that contain the most significant information. VXG Cloud VMS can extract images and clips from 100s of thousands of cameras simultaneously.

Data flow

After video from a camera was filtered by events and then sampled (extracted images or short clips) we’ll get a small fraction of data that will be processed by a Cloud AI.

As a rule, Cloud AI engines only charge for actually processed data. If after filtering and sampling, we’ll get 10 images in a day, we’ll only pay for the processing of these 10 images.

For example, when we need to detect a person in a front yard, we’ll first filter video by motion, then from each video duration with motion we’ll extract several images and send these images to Cloud AI for object detection. If Cloud AI returned “human” as one of the objects then we’ll trigger an alarm.

Cloud AI services

VXG is pre-integrated with the following AI engines:

  1. Amazon Rekognition

  2. Google Vision AI

  3. Azure Cognitive Services

  4. YOLO (open source)

Cloud VMS comes with an API for integration with new AI services.

Features of Cloud AI services

For the full list of AI features please visit the corresponding AI services websites:

Amazon Rekognition:

 Azure Cognitive Services:

 Google Vision API:

YOLO (open-source service hosted by VXG):

Object recognition using Amazon Rekognition AI

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