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Data protection

Personal data

Cloud VMS doesn’t deal with personal data. Authentication and user management are completely detached from the Cloud VMS.

Media data

Media data including video, audio, and metadata is stored in object storage. There is no direct access to the media storage, all the data should be requested through the API.

Data access

Cloud VMS provides access to the media and other data via API. All VXG API functions require authentication. There are 3 levels of access to ensure a high level of data protection:

  1. Level #1. Authentication using camera (channel) access token – to access camera resources.

  2. Level #2. Authentication using license key – to access account and manage cameras and cloud resources.

  3. Level #3. Authentication using admin key/certificate pair to manage accounts/license keys.


Cloud VMS uses 2 data storage types:

  1. Database for parameters and indexes.

  2. Object storage for media data.

The database integrity is based on mirroring and periodic backups. In the case of AWS deployments, we use multi-zone RDS that guarantees having at least 3 copies of the database in different zones and almost zero recovery time in case one copy of the database fails. Periodic backups serve to recover data in case of programmatic or human error.

Object storage can be optionally mirrored in multiple zones, however, this increases the operational cost.

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