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VXG Cloud VMS supports 3 types of video recording:

  1. Cloud storage

  2. On-prem (Cloud Gateway/NVR)

  3. Camera SD card

Regardless of the recording type, the video can be played using the same UI with a similar user experience.

Video can be recorded in one of two modes:

  1. Continuously or

  2. By event - such as motion or object detection, with defined pre- and post-event intervals.

Cloud storage is standard object storage (like S3). On-prem storage is also an object storage that comes with Cloud Gateway/NVR.

The video retention time can be configured per camera. For example, one camera can have 90 days of recording, and another can have 30 days.

Video is recorded in mp4 chunks making the video format HTML5 compatible.

In the case of Direct to Cloud (camera plug-in) connection, video can be recorded directly from a camera to a Cloud storage of your choice as described in a separate article.


VXG supports multi-format streaming to make the video compatible with any video player.

  • A low-latency HTML5 compatible format (WebRTC) for applications when you need to control your camera using PTZ or cameras with bi-directional audio.

  • The most reliable HTML5 format (HLS) provides the best user experience even in any network.

  • Image polling (JPEG polling) for low bandwidth networks or when you need to watch many streams simultaneously (grid view).

  • Non-HTML5 standard formats (RTMP and RTSP) for interfacing with VA and AI engines.

  • Broadcasting using Content Delivery Networks (CDN) allows sharing video with an unlimited number of viewers. 

As well, VXG offers an HTML5 video player, and native Android and iOS players with the following functions:

  • Live playback with a selection of formats.

  • Timeline, calendar, and playback of recorded video.

  • Scrubber (dragging timeline with immediate response).

  • Backward and forward multiple-speed playback.

  • Digital zoom and full-screen mode.

  • De-warping for fish-eye cameras.

  • Bi-directional audio.

  • Time-lapse playback of recorded data.


VXG performs video pre-processing for Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Using video pre-processing saves up to 100 times the operating costs and also saves significant bandwidth. For example, instead of ingesting video into an AI engine, VXG will extract images when motion is detected on a camera and will only send extracted images to the AI engine.

The platform supports the following operations:

  1. Extracting images from the live video at any sample rate or by the event.

  2. Extracting batches of images from recorded video.

  3. Extracting clips on-demand and by the event.

All operations are fully auto-scaling and very fast. For example, if you need to extract an image from 10,000 cameras it can be done with a single API call.


VXG stores and distributes events generated by cameras and any external systems, such as video analytics, or IoT sensors. The Cloud VMS will generate images and clips for every event to make a further review, or AI processing easy.

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