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Getting started

VXG provides a number of tools for integration, including the following main components.

  • REST API for programming the Cloud VMS.

  • Web SDK for integration with Web front-ends.

  • Android SDK and iOS SDK for integration with mobile apps.

  • Embedded SDK for integration with IP cameras.

  • White-label Web front-end with a VSaaS template.

  • White-label mobile apps.


Once the Cloud VMS is deployed, it is fully ready for working through REST API. All API functions are published using Swagger where each function can be called online.


There are several SDKs that are published on a public GitHub:

  1. Web SDK - a Web player for integration with Web front-ends.

  2. Android SDK - a player and streamer (mobile camera) for Android apps.

  3. iOS SDK - a player and streamer (mobile camera) for iOS apps.

  4. Embedded SDK - for integration with IP camera firmware.

The SDKs use a “camera access token” to get access to video from a selected camera. The “camera access token” can be generated and associated with an IP camera using the REST API.

White-label Web and Mobile

White-label Web and mobile applications and a VSaaS template with full source code. It can be used as a starting point for developing a new service, or as a reference code for integration with existing services. Once the Web front end is installed, customers can enable the “Integration” page for selected users. The “Integration” page will have links to REST API, Web SDK, and a list of “camera access tokens” to facilitate integrations.

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