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How to View Event Records

Viewing event records

  • Download the corresponding python sample

  • Call to view recorded events within a specified time interval.

    python3 ./ -access_token sdafasdfasdfasdfasdfasrwecsdcsdf= -start 2022-12-01T08:30:00 -end 2022-12-02T08:30:00 -limit 10

    Where access_token is the camera’s access token, start is the beginning of the time interval, end is the end of the time interval, and limit is the maximum number of events to include in response.
    Event data is of shape:

      'camid': int,
      'id': int, 
      'name': str, 
      'thumb': {
        'height': int, 
        'id': int, 
        'size': int, 
        'time': 'str', 
        'url': str, 
        'width': int
      'time': str
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