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Managed service

VXG provides managed services to maintain your Cloud VMS. This includes:

  • Initial Deployment.

  • Health Checks

  • Upgrades and Security Patches

  • Bug Fixes

  • Help Desk

  • Dedicated Support Portal

  • Availability via Phone & Email

  • SLA and Guaranteed Response Time

  • Integrations and Customizations

VXG will need remote access to the data center with permissions sufficient for the maintenance of Cloud VMS.

Separating cloud resources

In the case of AWS deployment, we recommend using a brand-new AWS account dedicated to Cloud VMS. This account can be added to your organization to consolidate billing. This will ensure that VXG has only access to your data and services related to Cloud VMS.

Personalized access

We recommend creating personal credentials for each member of the VXG technical support team that will have access to your Cloud VMS deployment.

In the case of AWS, we recommend using AWS IAM for identity and access management.

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