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Monitoring use case

Almost all use cases don’t require live video monitoring. Usually, video is recorded for forensic search and analyzed by AI that generates events.

Remote monitoring is a special use case that involves live video monitoring from IP cameras, often 24/7. This can be divided into 2 subcases:

  • Videos are watched in monitoring centers - remote monitoring.

  • Videos are watched from anywhere - crowd monitoring.

Rented cloud infrastructure (like AWS) might be expensive in this case because of egress cost - the cost of data transfer from the cloud infrastructure to the Internet. A data center might be a better solution for this use case, though it requires sizable capital expenses.

There are several options for how to optimize the cost.

Remote monitoring.

  1. Rented cloud infrastructure with a dedicated connection to monitoring centers. In the case of AWS, it is AWS Direct Connect. See the cost estimate here.

  2. A data center co-located with a monitoring center. This will significantly optimize the capital expense.

Crowd monitoring.

A lot of the cost of cloud infrastructure providers is encapsulated in egress cost. If the egress is high then the cost of the cloud infrastructure will be significantly higher compared to the standard video surveillance use case. The solution could be either using a data center or negotiating the cost with the cloud infrastructure provider.

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