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Use cases

New VSaaS

The main characteristics:

  1. Several indoor and outdoor camera models are custom-built.

  2. Potentially 100,000+ cameras.

  3. The platform should be deployed in the customer’s data center.


A plug-in for selected cameras, or if plug-ins are not supported, then integration with a custom version of the camera firmware. This will make the camera fully plug-and-play.

Integration with the customer’s authentication service, web front-end, and mobile applications. This includes notifications.

Deployment of the VXG platform in customer’s data center in Kubernetes environment.

Video analytics service

The main characteristics:

  1. Customer deploys or already has edge devices on-prem.

  2. Videos from IP cameras are processed by AI on the edge devices.

  3. Metadata is pushed to the cloud and should be synchronized with images and clips.


Run VXG Cloud NVR/Gateway docker image on the edge device. It will manage cameras in the local network through ONVIF/RTSP. Live and recorded videos, image,s and clips for any camera can be retrieved using NVR/Gateway REST API for further AI processing at the edge.

The same live and recorded videos, images, and clips can be retrieved through the Cloud REST API, which is identical to NVR/Gateway REST API.

Metadata, images, and clips can be stored on the Cloud while streaming videos at the edge to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Monitoring stations

The main characteristics:

  1. Connecting to a variety of different stand-alone cameras.

  2. 1000+ cameras for monitoring.

  3. Receiving events from cameras and video analytics.

  4. Backward audio from the mic and pre-recorded audio files.


Use direct ONVIF connectivity where it is possible. Use camera plug-ins where opening ports or VPN connection is a challenge. Store clips and images associated with events on the Cloud for further verification and analysis.

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