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Working with other VMS

VXG Cloud VMS is a complete VMS solution that provides cloud services for IP cameras.

At the same time, VXG can work in parallel with any 3-rd party VMS being just focused on providing additional cloud services such as cloud recording, streaming, or analytics. VXG connects to cameras directly and not through 3-rd party VMS, making the solution independent from 3-rd party VMS.

In some cases, customers will only need cloud services without VMS, for example when customers use free camera configuration tools like Hik-Connect. In this case, VXG will work in the background providing cloud services.

For example, for cloud recording, VXG will connect the cameras to Cloud object storage providers. Customers can then view the recorded videos in two different ways:

  1. Using any object storage browsers. The storage has a simple self-explanatory structure and file objects are in a standard video format.

  2. Using traditional VMS UI provided by VXG.

See more about Direct cloud recording

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