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Broken or green video stream on ONVIF cameras

There could be many reasons causing a broken video stream but usually, this problem happens when the bitrate is too high (or inadequate to resolution) or when the video streaming settings were changed on the camera while it was connected to VXG Cloud or Server.

For any ONVIF IP camera having a such problem, we recommend to:

  1. Set average video settings on the camera (2 Mbit bitrate, 1920x1080 resolution, 25 fps, 50 GOP-size)

  2. Then initiate the re-connection:
    - go to the camera settings in VXG Server
    - add any symbol to the URL, username, or password to make it incorrect and save
    - revert the change back to the correct credential and save

We recommend using the VXG interface or API to change camera video streaming settings if it is needed instead of changing them in the camera interface.

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