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Installation on Linux

Quick start on Linux

Step 1: Contact the VXG team to get the latest VXG Server package, download it, unzip it and go to the directory where the files were unzipped.

Step 2: Install Docker and docker-compose if they are not installed yet. You can do it manually or using the script included in the package:

user@user:~/VXG-Server$ ./

We recommend using Docker Community Edition, version 18.06.* or 19.03.* and docker-compose version 1.24.* or newer.

If you get a “Permission denied” error when trying to run either or, enter the line chmod +x

Step 3: Logout and re-login into your system

Step 4: Start the VXG Server:

user@user:~/VXG-Server$ ./

Step 5: Open it in a browser using the server's IP address or hostname http://SERVER_HOSTNAME/

The default username and password are:

username: admin
password: admin

First launch and the license key

Step 1: Open the Server's Web UI http://ip_address

Step 2: Go to the License page and copy the Instance UUID

Step 3: Send the UUID to the VXG team to receive the license key.

Step 4: Copy the license key and paste it to your Server's license page

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