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Data center requirements

This topic is for a deployment in a Data Center, not on a rented Cloud infrastructure, like AWS.

Deployment over Kubernetes requires an assessment of the data center and existing services. Below are the main services:


  • Kubernetes

  • Object storage (S3)

  • Managed Database (MySQL or Postgres)


  • DNS zone controller

  • ELK or EFK (logging)

  • Prometheus and Grafana (monitoring)

The deployment is performed using Helm Charts.

Examples of Kubernetes used in previous deployments: KubeSphere, EKS, OpenShift, K3S, and MiniCube (for testing).

Usual requirements

  1. Kubernetes - preferred Opinshift 1.28

  2. Object storage - S3 compatible, like MINIO

  3. Database - preferred MySQL 5.7, minimum 2 cores, 16GB

  4. Jump host (a separate VM) - 2 cores, 16GB

  5. Configured DNS.

  6. A pull of public IP addresses.

  7. Mapping of public IP addresses/ports to local nodes IP addresses/ports,

  8. Two load balancers.

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