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Prerequisites for deployment on AWS:

AWS prerequisites

The deployment and delivery of the Cloud VMS components consist of the following steps:

  1. Deployment of Cloud Services on the customer’s AWS account or in a Data Center.

  2. Deployment of white-label Web front-end with VSaaS template.

  3. Delivery of white-label Camera Connectivity Tools.

  4. Delivery of white-label Android and iOS apps.

Cloud Services 

Deployment on the customer’s AWS account takes about 1 hour. Once the Cloud VMS is deployed, it works with any number of cameras and scales up and down fully automatically. It is fully functional through REST API with a swagger published on your end-point:

and with Web and Mobile SDKs published on VXG GitHub

White-label Web front-end with VSaaS template

The white-label Web front-end with VSaaS template and full source code can be deployed together with Cloud Services or anytime later on a separate EC2 instance or on any customer’s Web server with PHP support. The VSaaS template uses Firebase as an Authentication service. The customer will need to generate Firebase config data. The Web front end has all the standard features of a Cloud VMS and is ready for sign-up/in of end users.

The Web front can be easily modified to use the customer’s logo, colors, fonts or any specific logic.

Camera connectivity tools

The Cloud Camera plug-ins, Cloud NVR/Gateway, and corresponding tools will be delivered as downloadable binary modules:

Android and iOS mobile apps

Fully white-label test apps can be provided as an APK file for Android and published on TestFlight for iOS. After changing the logo, colors, and customer-specific logic, VXG helps with publishing the apps on the customer’s Google Play and Apple AppStore accounts, similar to how it is published for VXG.

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