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White-label Web and Mobile

Cloud VMS comes with a template of a VSaaS service, fully functional, white-label and with full source code. It can be used for fast integration or as a reference code. It utilizes Firebase for authentication and authorization (linking users to cameras) using a simple PHP + Postgresql backend.

The service comes with fully white-label Web and Mobile front-ends described below.

Web Client

The Web Client UI has all the standard features of the Cloud VMS including camera management, recording management, playback of live and recorded videos, events and associated images and clips, archive (for longer storage), and many more. See details in VSaaS (Web Client) UI section.

Progressive Web app 

The Web Client can be “installed” on your PC, Mac, or mobile device as a Progressive Web application by clicking on the “install” button in your browser window:

This will create an icon on your desktop or on your mobile device screen. By clicking on that icon, the application will be launched without a web browser and will look like a native application.


Mobile apps 

Mobile applications for Android and iOS are published on Google Play and The App Store. The applications have similar functionality to the Web client but use native Android and iOS controls to provide a better mobile user experience.

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