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VXG Cloud VMS comes with 3 components:

  1. Cloud Services.

  2. White-label Web and Mobile.

  3. Camera Connectivity Tools

Cloud Services

Cloud services are a set of micro-services that execute all Cloud VMS functions including recording, streaming, and video processing. Cloud services are deployed in your public or private cloud, or in a data center. We support deployment on AWS or Kubernetes. Once deployed, the cloud services will automatically scale up and down and work with any number of cameras. The services have an open REST API, each function can be tested online and we provide many sample codes to facilitate integration with existing services or the development of new ones.

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White-label Web and Mobile

The Cloud VMS comes with a template of a VSaaS service that includes a simple back-end and fully white-label Web front-end and mobile apps. It comes with full source code and Web and Mobile SDK for fast integration with existing services or building new ones.

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Camera Connectivity Tools

Camera connectivity tools include cloud camera plug-ins, pre-built for major camera brands, and a reference code in case you OEM or have your own camera.

Cloud Gateway/NVR - a docker container for x86 and ARM for hybrid cloud/on-prem deployments.

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