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VXG camera app/plugin troubleshooting

There are several common errors that can be seen in the camera application log - they can help you to locate the reason why the VXG camera app is not connecting to VXG Cloud or not streaming video.

1. Wrong user credentials

When you set up the camera app you need to enter camera user credentials - usually the username and password you are using to access the camera web interface. If the credentials are incorrect, the app will not be able to access the camera information and you will see the following error in the log:

[ ERR ] VXGCloudAgent[xxx]: Unable to retrieve basic device description, please check login and password!

2. Wrong access token

Another parameter required to set up a camera is the access token that you retrieve from VXG Cloud. If you enter the access token that is already used by another camera, you will see the following message in the log:

[ INFO ] VXGCloudAgent[xxx]: on_error "CONN_CONFLICT"

This means that the camera tries to connect to VXG Cloud unsuccessfully, it will make several attempts to connect and you will see this message several times in the log. This message can also appear when the application is being restarted.

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