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AWS prerequisites

The list of prerequisites for the deployment of Cloud VMS on AWS:

  1. AWS Account ID

  2. Admin level Access Key and Secret Key, or Username and Password.

  3. AWS region (e.g. us-east-1, us-east-2, eu-central, etc.).

1. Access to AWS account

VXG will need administrator-level access to the customer’s AWS console to set up all necessary components of Cloud VMS. This access can be temporary for deployment only, then it can be switched to read-only access.

To keep your existing AWS infrastructure securely isolated, we recommend creating a separate AWS account and making it a part of your AWS Organization for centralized management and billing consolidation. Please follow the official AWS guide to add a new AWS account under your Organization -

If you do not have an AWS Organization created yet - please follow this guide -

Sometimes, there is a need to limit the access of this administrator account to certain resources running in AWS, in this case, please follow this guide -

You can either provide a Username and Password to an admin-level user on your AWS account or create an Access Key and Secret Key as described in the following article Creating AWS Access Key

2. AWS Region

Please let us know which AWS Region we should use for deployment -

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