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Сonnecting IP cameras

There are several ways to connect IP cameras to VXG Cloud VMS:

  1. Using ONVIF protocol. Works with any standard ONVIF IP camera, requires Port-Forwarding or VPN.

  2. Using ONVIF Uplink. Plug-and-play plug-ins supported for major IP cameras and some network routers.

  3. Using a camera plug-in. Legacy plug-and-play camera plug-ins.

  4. Using Cloud Gateway. ONVIF Uplink code as a Docker image for x64 and arm64, Linux and Windows.

In all cases, there are the same requirements for the camera:

  1. ONVIF user should be created on the camera side and used for connection.
    This is relevant for cameras with a list of ONVIF users separate from camera users (Axis, Dahua, Hikvision). Please create an ONVIF user with operator or administrator rights. For Axis cameras the path is System > ONVIF > Add account:


    If the camera doesn’t have the list of ONVIF users, please use the regular admin user.

  2. The camera should have an H.264 streaming profile.
    If the camera has only one streaming profile, please make sure it is set to H.264 encoding. If the camera has a separate list of ONVIF profiles (for example, Axis), make sure that there is at least one that uses H.264.

Please get in touch with VXG Tech Support if you need assistance connecting your cameras.

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