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Adding a camera - ONVIF or Video URL?

When you are adding a new camera in your web client you need to select the camera type:


ONVIF camera - this type should be selected if you would like to have basic control over your IP camera. ONVIF protocol gives access to PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) controls and allows you to change major video settings like profiles, resolution, and bitrate right in the web client UI. You will also be able to access the camera’s UI remotely.


However, in this case, you will need to specify both RTSP and HTTP ports of your camera, which is not always possible. You can learn more about easy ways of port forwarding using the UPnP protocol for Vivotek and Hikvision cameras.

Video URL - in all other cases you should select this option. This type supports various video sources (not only IP cameras) - all you need to provide is just the video stream URL address.

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