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Direct to Cloud

VXG partners with major camera manufacturers and has developed camera firmware plug-ins that are installed directly on cameras. This makes a connection between a camera and the cloud plug-and-play and it doesn’t need any additional hardware on-premise.


The plug-in performs the following operations:

  1. Maintains connection with the Cloud.

  2. Direct recording to the Cloud storage.

  3. Playback from local SD card storage.

  4. Remote configuration of a camera.

  5. Delivers camera events to the Cloud.

Pre-built plug-ins

VXG has pre-built plug-ins for major camera brands, the complete list can be found here.

Installation of the plug-in

The plug-in can be installed camera’s Web UI as on the picture below

It can be also installed using the Windows application – VXG Camera Finder which will find all supported cameras in a local network and install plug-ins automatically.


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