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Gateway and NVR

Cloud Gateway

VXG Cloud Gateway is a newer product. It’s a lightweight software module that is packaged in the following ways:

  • Docker image for x86 and ARM.

  • Plug-in for OpenWRT router, for example, GL.iNET.

  • Reference code for integration with new devices.

It bridges the connection between cameras and Cloud VMS giving full access to camera settings, Web UI, and edge storage (SD card). It works with any standard ONVIF or RTSP camera. The video can be recorded in the Cloud storage or in the edge storage (SD card) and then played through the Cloud VMS.

System requirements

VXG Cloud Gateway is lightweight software that can run on almost any device. Minimal system requirements for 4 channels are 500Mhz SoC, 128MB RAM, and 250KB of storage.

Cloud NVR

VXG Cloud Gateway is only recommended when long-term on-prem storage is mandatory. The videos will be recorded on a local hard drive. The recorded videos can be played through the Cloud VMS. The module is distributed as a Docker image for x86 and ARM.

System requirements

VXG Cloud NVR requires any x86 or ARM computer running Linux with the support of Docker container. Minimal system requirements for 20 cameras are 4GB RAM, Atom CPU or 4GB RAM, Raspberry PI 4.

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