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Hanwha (Wisenet) camera Uplink plug-in


  1. Download the Hanhwa Uplink Application for your Hanwha camera’s platform.

  2. Go to your VMS web UI and add a Uplink Camera.

    Make sure to check the Use Provisioning Server box and input the Serial Number and MAC Address of the camera.
    Use colons in the MAC Address (as seen in the screenshot)

  3. Open the web interface for your Hanwha camera and navigate to the Open Platform page.

  4. Upload and install the .cap application file.

  5. Once the application is installed, click on the Go App button to access the application’s web page.


  6. Click Start Application.

  7. Once the application has started enter the camera’s username and password then click Save.

  8. After the application stops, return to the camera’s Open Platform page and then click the Start button on the VXGUplinkApp.


  9. Enable auto start set High priority and click Apply.

Note that it is suggested to check that the camera’s default and record video profiles are set to valid video streams.

Now the application should be running and you can check the camera on your VMS Platform.


Known error codes and possible causes


Possible causes and resolutions



the package file name is wrong, it should be changed after downloading



the package file is for a wrong Hanwha platform, try with a file for a different platform (WN5, S3L, etc.)


“You have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts”

The username and password are wrong. Try to connect in a minute and change them on “Go App” page


The application is not running

Some camera firmware versions have issues with running applications and display a “Not running” status when the app is started. For example, QNO-6082R1 is not running apps with firmware versions 1.41.05 and 1.41.16. The firmware should be downgraded to 1.41.01


The camera is online but is not streaming or recording

Hanwha cameras have MJPEG as the first profile by default and depending on the camera’s initial configuration it can be picked up for live streaming or recording on the cloud. Try changing the streaming profile in the Streaming Settings in the Cloud One web client

In case of any technical problems, please download the camera logs and send them to VXG technical support.

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