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Hanwha (Wisenet) How to Upgrade Hanwha Application

  1. Connect via HTTP proxy to your Hanwha camera and login using username and password.

  2. Navigate to the Open Platform application page.

  3. Upload the new version of the application that you want to upgrade to. Ensure that the application name is different than the current version installed.

  4. Once installed, disable Auto-Start on old version of the application and enable Auto-Start on the new version of the application. Ensure that you apply the changes.

  5. Now click Go App on the new application and start, then configure the application by first clicking Start Application then entering the username and password and hitting Save. You can ensure that the information is saved by closing and re-opening the app page and making sure that the username and password remain filled out.

  6. Navigate to the System tab and restart the camera. Since we have the new version of the application is set to Auto Start, the new version of the application will start once the camera finishes rebooting.

  7. Once the camera is back online reconnect via HTTP Proxy and uninstall the old version of the application.

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