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Camera Onboarding Call - Preparation and Requirements

To connect cameras to VXG Cloud VMS, certain requirements should be met. These requirements depend on your chosen connection type. Based on these options, please have the following information ready to connect cameras and ensure a successful meeting.

Direct to Cloud

  • This connection type is only suitable for selected camera brands and models. Please make sure that you can find your camera model in the list.

  • The access to the camera interface is required to upload and install the camera plugin

Cloud Gateway and NVR

  • This option requires a Linux or Windows machine capable of running Docker, see the system requirements.

  • This device should be located in the same network with cameras

  • You should have administrative access to the device to perform the gateway installation

  • The following information will be required for all cameras to be connected:

    • local IP address

    • local HTTP & RTSP ports (if they are not default)

    • admin/operator level of camera credentials (ONVIF user in case of ONVIF connection)

    • RTSP URL in case of RTSP connection

Direct ONVIF

  • This option requires port-forwarding of HTTP and RTSP ports for each camera. You can find the step-by-step guide for your router on this website.

  • The following information will be required for all cameras to be connected:

    • public IP address or DNS

    • public HTTP & RTSP ports

    • ONVIF admin/operator level of camera credentials

  • Once the port-forwarding is set up, you test the camera connectivity by following this article.

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